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Sports in Kreševo have always been an important segment of life.  Since there was a strong need for sport activities, certain requirements regarding it were accepted and necessary conditions for sports created.  Facilities have also been adapted for different sport clubs. 

The football stadium “Kreševo” with its secondary fields,  grandstands and all the necessary comforts provides excellent conditions for playing matches as well as training. It is often used for playing international matches. Around a hundred meters from the stadium, in the nearby community of Troska, there is a newly built sports hall that also meets high technical criteria. Despite its short existence, a large number of international and local competitions have been performed here.

In the area of Kreševo there are two swimming pools and many tennis courts. It is worth noting the automotodrome in Gajice, where for many years international moto-cross and enduro races took place. In recent times this type of auto-sport turned out to be one of the most interesting sports and for many years it has attracted a large number of drivers, clubs, sponsors, media and viewers. Therefore, Kreševo has been in European calendars and almanacs of this and related sports for a long time now.

Kreševo abounds with many attractive routes used for mountain biking. Most of these trails have been created by nature, others are human achievements due to walks along the mountains and forests, while others were created specifically for this discipline. Many cycling races are organized on the track of the motodrom of Gajice. Several trails are also well prepared and marked thanks to the Mountain biking club “Kreševo”. 

Noticeable success in local and international competitions is achieved by members of a Weightlifting club, Teak won do club” Kreševo” and other sport collectives.

In recent years skiing has became an important segment of sport activities. In fact, a few years ago in the nearby mountain lodge on Lopata, 15 kilometers from Kreševo, a 750 meters long cross-country ski and sled ski area were arranged. It contains a ski lift and a mountain hut, where it's possible to enjoy hot drinks, soft drinks and grill dishes.

Municipal sport games, which in recent years have been held on the playground of the elementary school as well as other sports in the municipality, attract as much attention. The races last about three weeks.



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