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During the turbulent centuries of Ottoman rule the monastery was often destroyed. However the friars of Kreševo managed to collect rare, valuable and interesting exhibits that give a fairly clear picture of life in these areas over the centuries.

It is not surprising that most of the findings refer to the traditional jobs related to minerals ores and their processing. We can see examples of minerals  extracted from our regions as well as tools used to dig and process them. There is a distinct and valuable collection of mining lamps and numerous tools, some of which date back to ancient times. One part of the museum represents a small blacksmith shop ("duganja"): there are bellows, forges, anvils and hammers of different dimensions as well as various examples of tools.

This exhibition also contains products of artistic quality, the tools and products of various trades - carpenter, shoemaker, tailor, weaver and traditional footwear crafts, as well as a collection of handiworks. The sacral part of the museum’s collection consists of crosses, chalices, monstrance’s and art works such as candle holders, censers and other similar items. In a collection of ecclesiastical vestments, the item that particularly stands out is a chasuble made in Italy between 1620 and 1640. It is made out of colored silk fabric, on a purple background, around the central design there is a stylized apple with branches and trefoils around a circular crown dense with leaves and golden acorns.

The museum has a collection of important historical documents, copies and originals: the Charter of King Tomaš to the people of Dubrovnik from 1444; a document of Duke Juraj Vojsalić from 1434; Selim's vizier permit (“bujruntija”) to repair monastery issued in 1767; a copy of Ahdnama ( political guarantee, letter, turcism)given to Friar Anđelo Zvizdović in 1463 by Sultan Mohammed II. Conqueror and others.

Presently the new museum building is being equipped in order to be able to preserve these treasures in adequate conditions and make them available to history lovers. The museum is going to have 600 square meters of usable space.



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