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Fishing and hunting

Association of hunters “Tetrijeb” of Kreševo has been established since 1956 and is an independent hunting association. Until then it belonged to a wider administrative area (srez) that brought together hunters from the regions of Fojnica, Kiseljak and Kreševo. In this year the Association had 25 members and the number has increased year on year. In 1961 the members of the Association built and equipped a hunters’ lodge on the Visočica Mountain (Trebac) which at the time was one of the most beautiful buildings in the region. Today the Association owns a house ( seat) in Kreševo and a hunting lodge in Mešćemi (adjacent to the road toward Lopata), where the three rooms can accommodate a dozen visitors, as well as smaller facilities in Ratkovići e Čubren capable of hosting a large number of hunters and lovers of hunting and nature.

In the postwar period the Association focused on constructing the hunting technical facilities, on importing wildlife to the hunting areas as well as protecting the existing wildlife reserves. Today it has about 200 members.


Sport fishing

The Fishing Association was established 40 years ago and today has about 40 members. Kreševčica River and its affluents are characterized by its pureness and large amount of fish, mostly trout , but there are other species of fish as well.

The purity of the streams that flow into Kreševčica are best described by the fact that in the small river Rakovčica there are still crabs , from which it got its name (crab meaning rak).

Fishing in the river Crna Rijeka is a unique experience – besides being rich in fish, it is positioned in beautiful landscape, a perfect place to relax.



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